2017 SATs Results

Happy New Year!  I’m very pleased to begin 2018 with some great news about our SATs results from last Summer.   66% of our pupils achieved the new higher expected standards in Reading, Writing and Maths.  This is higher than the National and Bristol average of 61%.  Even more impressive are our progress scores.  The Department for Education measures the progress children make from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2.  The National average is represented by a score of zero.   Values higher than zero indicate better than average progress and scores below zero indicate that progress was below average.   All of our progress scores were positive this.  We are particularly pleased with our Writing progress measure which indicates that the progress of our pupils was in the top 10% of all schools Nationally.    We know there is so much more to a well rounded education than success in tests, but these outcomes give us all reason to feel very proud of the achievement of our pupils.

You can find out more about our whole school performance data by clicking the links below to our data page and to the DfE performance tables website.

School data



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