School dress code

  • Cabot School Jumper
  • Dark coloured trousers/tights/leggings/socks or skirt (black or grey)
  • Blue dress
  • White collared shirt
  • Dark shoes or trainers

Unacceptable items

  • NO Jeans
  • NO Joggers
  • NO bright coloured trainers
  • NO open toe sandals

Individual children and whole classes will be rewarded for wearing the correct uniform and dressing appropriately for school. However, if pupils arrive at school in clothes which do not adhere to the dress code then you will be contacted in order to discuss the matter and the reasons for this.

We understand that some children may choose to wear a hijab. This is not part of our school uniform, but if your child does choose to wear one, could you please make sure it is white in keeping with our uniform colour scheme.

How to buy

School sweatshirts are available to purchase from the school office at a cost of £8.50 – sizes available (26/28/30/32/34). We also have school book bags from the school office at a cost of £5.00

Most non-branded items can be purchased from supermarkets or department stores. If anyone has hardship difficulties that are make purchasing the uniform difficult they should contact the school office as soon as possible.