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Spelling Bee Champions!

Congratulations to our Year 6 Spelling Bee Champions!  Out Year 6 team competed against 4 other local skills in a Spelling Bee tournament.  Each pupil had to stand up in front of a packed hall of children, teachers and parents to correctly spell some very tricky words.  The final round came down to a head to head spell off between a pupil from St Werburgh’s and our very own Suad.  In a tense showdown it was Suad who’s nerves held together and won the competition with the correct spelling of A-T-M-O-S-P-H-E-R-E.

The rest of Year and all the pupils and staff are immensely proud of this achievement.  So are the children’s families – so much so that Zubyer’s mum made the class a delicious victory cake!



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