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Turn The Tide Portishead Beach Clean

Mrs Redwood took our Eco-schools club to Portishead this week to help with a beach clean activity.  We have been learning about the harm rubbish, including plastic, can do to our oceans.  We are pleased our children have managed to prevent more harm being done by the rubbish they collected.  We are also hopeful that we can raise awareness about using less plastic so it becomes less of a problem to dispose of.




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Visit from Miles Chambers, Bristol’s Poet Laureate

We welcomed Bristol’s former poet laureate Miles Chambers to our school today.  Miles gave an inspiring talk about about the use of language to create rhythm, tell stories, convey emotions and paint images in our heads.   We were treated to an energetic performance of his poem Bristol Bristol and inspired to write poems of our own.  The whole of key stage 2 worked together enthusiastically to write collaborative poem about travel.



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Visit to Chedworth

Our Year 3 and Year 4 pupils visited Chedworth last week.  They have been studying The Romans this term.  At Chedworth, they learnt about how Romans lived in Britain hundreds of years ago.  Our children enjoyed developing their archaeological skills to search for ancient finds, as well as having some fun preparing Roman food.


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Our community has been remembering those that gave their lives in war.  We have learnt that many of us in our school community have members of our families that were involved in the two World Wars.  Some of our pupils have grandparents and family members that fought as part of Britain’s Commonwealth Forces.  These are very interesting personal histories from within our community, but also very bring home to us just how far reaching the effects of war can be.  Mrs Holian led us in our Remembrance Day assembly and two minutes assembly on Friday.

Remembrance_Day 2018

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Visit to Hazrat Bilal Centre

Our Year 5 and 6 children enjoyed a visit to one of our local mosques today.   They were warmly welcomed by the centre manager, Tahir Mahmood, who told us about key beliefs of all Muslims.  We enjoyed learning about the Mosque and the community that built it.    The mosque and community centre are very welcoming to people of all races and nationalities.  It is interesting to learn the similarities as well as the differences between world religions.


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