5th January 2021 – School Closure

Dear Parents and Community,

Following last night’s instruction from the Prime Minister, we have now closed our school for most pupils. We are very sad about this. We know children learn best and are happiest in school. However, the risk of the spread of Covid 19 is currently too high for the safety and wellbeing of our coomunity and we must follow the guidance.

Your child’s class teacher will continue to provide the best learning opportunites possbile through remote learning. All children have Google classroom logins. teachers will provide daily lessons in Literacy, Maths and Topic. Teachers and other school staff will contact you and your child regularly to see how they are and support them with their learning. If your child is struggling to access the learning for any reason, please tell us. We have a limited number of devices that we may be able to provide you with.

If your child is usually provided with a free school meal, we will contact you with information about how you can collect a food hamper from school.

We will remain open for a small number of children whose parents are critical workers and for children requiring addtional support. We are sorry we can’t offer places to more of you. We have to make judgements in line with safety guidance to reduce numbers of pupils in school and staff availability.

It seems very likely this lockdnown will continue throughout this term.

We will keep in touch with you and encourage you to contact us if you think we can help with anything.

We will continue to live our school values of Partnership, Inclusion and Excellence throughout this pandemic.

Best wishes,

Mr Burton

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