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Online Safety

Dear Parents,

A number of children in school have spoken to us about the TV programme Squid Games. This TV programme includes lots of violent content and is not appropriate for primary aged children. It has a certificate rating of 15 and should only be watched by people of this age or older. However, some footage from the programme has been uploaded on to apps and social media platforms and younger children may have seen it there. Please talk to your child and monitor their online use. Below is some advice about keeping children safe online.

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Meet Miss Ele – our in school Wellbeing Worker

Cabot Primary School are pleased to have been chosen as a partner school for a new service in Bristol called the Mental Health Support Team (in education) or MHST for short.

The MHST is a team of Wellbeing Workers who work in different schools across Bristol and South Gloucestershire. Our Wellbeing Worker is Miss Ele.

Miss Ele will help our School in two ways:
– She will offer 1-1 support for children who often experience worries, fears, anxiety, anger or sadness
– She will help us to develop our whole school approach to emotional health and wellbeing
Here’s a message from Miss Ele:
“Hi everyone, my name is Miss Ele and I am the new Wellbeing Worker at Cabot Primary. I am at the School every Wednesday. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the children and staff so far.
When people hear I am from the Mental Health Support Team they often think I only work with people who are really unwell or have mental health illnesses, but this isn’t true.
Everyone has mental health, it’s all about how we feel, think and act especially in response to the ups and downs of life. Sometimes we have good mental health and can cope well with life, other times we might find it hard to cope and become stressed, upset or worried more easily and need extra support.
I am trained to work 1-1 with children who often experience fear, worry, anxiety, sadness or anger. When I do my 1-1 work I often get parents/carers involved as they know their children best and can help them practice what they learn in our sessions. In my 1-1 sessions we play games, do questionnaires, talk about feelings and learn ways to cope with difficult emotions.
If you are a parent/carer and you think your child could benefit from extra support with their feelings please speak to their class teacher or Mrs Redwood who can refer them to me.
I will also be helping with whole school activities to promote good mental health, this might be doing assemblies, activities with whole classes, training teachers or running groups for parents. If you have an idea of something I could do in the school to support the children’s mental health please let me know, you can find me at school on Wednesdays or email me on
I am really looking forward to meeting you sometime soon”
You can find out more about the Mental Health Support Team here:

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Visit from Newsround’s Shanequa Paris

What a treat we had today! Shanequa Paris from CBBC’s Newsround came to visit Cabot today. Shanequa and Ashni wanted to know who were our children’s black heroes. it was great to hear our children talk so proudly of themselves, their families and the people who inspire them. You can hear too when the show is broadcast later this month.

After filming, both Shanequa and Ashni came for a play on our play equipment in the sun. What a great afternoon! this was a visit we’ll never forget.

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Excalibur Consultation Meeting

Dear Parents,

Thank you to those of you that came to the consultation meetings yesterday. In case you wanted to come but weren’t able to for any reason, I have put a link below to the welcome video that I hope will tell you a little more about the Excalibur Academy Trust and its values.

If you have any questions or concerns about the possibility of Cabot joining Excalibur, please put these in writing to the Cabotp@bristol-schools.ukby 7th October 2021. Also, please feel free to talk to me when you see me on the gate.

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RSE and HE Policy Meeting

Additional meeting date for parents who were unable to attend this week. – 9am Tuesday 5th October. If you attend the first meeting, please do not come to the second meeting. The discussion topic will be the same. We need to make sure there is space for parents who were unable to attend the first meeting can come to the next one.

Cabot Primary School Meeting 9.00 am Wednesday 29th September 2021 – Studio Room
Discussion Topics
Relationship and Sex Education and Health Education Policy
Our policy has been updated to reflect the new government statutory guidance. You may like to read our policy before coming to the meeting. You can find it on the school website along with the government guidance. Please visit: > Our School > Polices > RSE and Health Education Policy
or click this link

You can also read the government guidance by following this link:

Numbers at this meeting will need to limited to 30 people to meet Covid 19 safety arrangements. Places will be offered on a first come first served basis.

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Governor Representation

Do you want to change the education outcomes for Bristol’s Black and Minoritised young people? Do you want to know how?
About this event
Overall aim is to increase the diversity of school governors across Bristol Schools

Objectives of workshop –

1. Demystify the role of School Governors by sharing information .

2. Explain the process for your school governor application .

3. To share the experiences of Black school governors and the difference we can make.

The session will be opened by Mayor Marvin Rees and paneled by Bristol City Council’s School Governors’ team, Ruth Pickersgill (ex-Councillor), Inspiring Governors, Denis Lindsay (school governor) and more.

Denis will be sharing his experience of being a Black school governor and the difference that you can make.

embRACE is supporting the Inspiring Governors’ “Everyone on Board” campaign. For more info, see the link below:

Everyone on Board

An agenda will be circulated in due course. We look forward to seeing you and your networks there. Bristol’s young people need you!

embRACE School Governors Recruitment Event image

embRACE School Governors Recruitment Event image

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Welcome Back!

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the new academic year at Cabot!

I am pleased to tell you that children are settling well in their new classes. Thank you for all your support helping with the new routines. A key update is that the classrooms now open for all children at 8.45am. The outer gate will be unlocked before then and if you arrive early you are able to wait in our welcome area but classes will not open until 8.45am.

The school day will finish for all pupils at 3.15pm. You are welcome to wait for your child from 3.05 am but you will not able to collect your child until 3.15 pm. When you collect your child in the afternoons, please follow the one way system and leave by the gate at the side of our studio room.

For more information about our new routines, please visit our Covid 19 section of the website.

You’ve problaby also noticed we are having some repair work done to our school roof. We can still carry on with our school routines safely whilst the work is being done. Please make sure that when you bring and collect your child to school your family are well supervised when on the premises.

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Sports Day!

Thank you Mr Hodgkin for planning such a fantastic Sports Day for us. Children showed their skills and athletic ability in all kinds of events including running, jumping and throwing events, and of course…sack races!
We’re sorry the current restrictions means we weren’t able to invite parents. But please take our word for it, your children loved it!

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Bristol Together Championships

Dear Parents,

We usually like to take part in all kinds of sports competitions with other schools. This has not been possible this year because of Covid restrictions. However, one event that is going ahead is the Bristol Together Championship. This is where schools across Bristol partner up as teams to play other schools. It’s a great way to have fun and meet children from a different part of our fantastic city. This year, our Year 5 pupils have been partnered with Four Acres Primary School. They have been training together to take part in a tournament next week. Good luck Team Cabot Acres!

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