Remote Learning

The Prime Minister has asked that schools close to most pupils from 5th January 2021. Your child’s teacher will provide remote learning.
Children in Reception and KS1 will be taught remotely using Seasaw, we have found this to be a more accessible platform for our younger children. Children are expected to complete 3 hours of learning daily; this will include online learning and tasks that can be completed without a device. Teachers will set daily lessons in reading, writing, maths and phonics as well as another curriculum area. The lessons provided will include: videos recorded by the class teacher, videos from other agencies such as BBC or Oak Academy and tasks that can be completed on Seasaw.
Children in KS2 will be taught remotely using Google Classroom. Children are expected to complete at least 4 hours of learning daily; this will include online learning and tasks that can be completed without a device. Teachers will set daily lessons in reading, writing, maths and spelling as well as another curriculum area. The lessons provided will include: videos recorded by the class teacher, live lessons in Google Meet, videos from other agencies such as BBC or Oak Academy and tasks that can be completed on Google Classroom.
Please encourage your child to use the online resources we are providing. Your child’s teacher will call you and your child regularly to see how you are and see if you need help with learning. If you are unable to access online learning because you don’t have suitable devices or internet connection, please let us know. We have a small number of devices in school available.
We also have a limited number of spaces in school for face to face teaching. These are for key workers and vulnerable children. If you are a key worker and need provision for your child to enable you to go to work, please contact the school.
We are also trying to offer as much face to face teaching as possible for children who are unable to access remote learning successfully at home. To enable us to help as many children as we can as safely as possible, these places will need to be part time.
We know how hard remote learning can be and will be doing all we can to support you and your children

Ra’iisul wasaaraha wuxuu dugsiyada weydiistay in la xiro laga billaabo 5ta jannaayo 2021. Macallinka canuggaada ayaa siin doona waxbarashada fogaanta.
Carruurta Risabshanka iyo KS1 fogaanta ayaa wax laga bari doonaa iyadoo la isticmaalaayo seasaw, waxaan aragnay in tan ay tahay mid carruurteenna yaryar ay si fudud ku geli karaan. Carruurta waxaa laga filaayaa in ay maalintii 3 saacadood wax-bartaan; tan waxaa ku jirta waxbarashada internetka iyo casharrada la sameyn karo iyadoo aan la isticmaaleynin qalab. Macallimiinta maalin walba caharro akhrin, qorid, xisaab iyo dhawaq iyo qeybaha kale ee manhajka ayey soo diri doonaan. Casharrada la soo diri doona waxaa ka mid ah: fiidiyoow-yo uu duubay macallinka fasalka, fiidiyoow-yo hey’ado kale ay duubeen sida BBC ama Oak Academy iyo casharro la sameyn karo iyadoo la isticmaalaaya Seasaw.
Carruurta KS2 waxaa la bari doonaa waxbarasha fogaanta iyadoo la isticmaalaayo Google Classroom. Carruurta waxaa laga filaayaa in ay wax-bartaan 4 saacadood maalintii; tan waxaa ku jirta waxbarsho internetka iyo casharro la sameyn karo iyadoo aan la isticmaaleynin qalab. Macallimiinta maalin walba caharro akhrin, qorid, xisaab iyo higgaad iyo qeybaha kale ee manhajka ayey soo diri doonaan. Casharrada waxaa ku jiro doona: fiidiyoow-yo uu duubay macallinka fasalka, casharro toos ah ee bar-kulanka Google, fiidiyoow-yo hey’ado kale ay duubeen sida BBC ama Oak Academy iyo casharro la sameyn karo iyadoo la isticmaalaaya Google Classroom.
Fadlan ku dhiirrageli canuggaada in uu isticmaalo inuu isticmaalo agabka internetka laga helo. Macallinka canuggaada ayaa si joogta ah kuu soo wici doona si xaaladdiina uu ula socdo iyo in aad caawinaad u baahan tihiin. Haddii canuggaada uu qalab haaysanin fadlan nala soo xiriir. Waxaan dugsiga ku haaynaa qalab xaddidan.
Waxaa kaloo aan isku dayeynaa inaan waxbarsho weji-ka-weji ah aan siinno carruurta aan awoodin in ay fogaanta barashada ay guriga ku sameeyaan. Si aan in badan u caawinno sida macquulka ah ee nabdoon, boosaskaas waa in ay noqdaan kuwo maalin nuskeed ah.
Waan ognahay sida ay waxbarshada fogaanta u adkaan karto waxaanna sameyneynaa wixii aan awoodno sidii aan adiga iyo caruurtaada u caain lahayn

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5th January 2021 – School Closure

Dear Parents and Community,

Following last night’s instruction from the Prime Minister, we have now closed our school for most pupils. We are very sad about this. We know children learn best and are happiest in school. However, the risk of the spread of Covid 19 is currently too high for the safety and wellbeing of our coomunity and we must follow the guidance.

Your child’s class teacher will continue to provide the best learning opportunites possbile through remote learning. All children have Google classroom logins. teachers will provide daily lessons in Literacy, Maths and Topic. Teachers and other school staff will contact you and your child regularly to see how they are and support them with their learning. If your child is struggling to access the learning for any reason, please tell us. We have a limited number of devices that we may be able to provide you with.

If your child is usually provided with a free school meal, we will contact you with information about how you can collect a food hamper from school.

We will remain open for a small number of children whose parents are critical workers and for children requiring addtional support. We are sorry we can’t offer places to more of you. We have to make judgements in line with safety guidance to reduce numbers of pupils in school and staff availability.

It seems very likely this lockdnown will continue throughout this term.

We will keep in touch with you and encourage you to contact us if you think we can help with anything.

We will continue to live our school values of Partnership, Inclusion and Excellence throughout this pandemic.

Best wishes,

Mr Burton

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Partial Closure

Dear Parents,

From the 5th January 2021 the school will be partially closed. We will still be open for face to face teaching for some year groups, vulnerable pupils and children of key workers. All other pupils will be provided with remote learning. The reason for the partial closure is because several members of our staff are follwing the National Education Union’s guidance relating to Covid 19.

We realise how disruptive and upsetting this situation is for our children, families, staff and community and will do all we can to support you in this difficult time.

This situation will be under constant review and we will update you straight away if we become aware of any changes.

Best wishes,

Mr Burton

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Remote Learning

Dear Parents,

Some pupils have already experienced their classes being closed because of positive cases of Covid 19. When this happens, it can be very disruptive for your child’s learning. We have been teaching children how to access remote learning for when they are not in school. The main way we will deliver remote learning is through Google classrooms. Your child will have a log in and password. Please check with them that they know what they are. We have already started setting weekly homework for children on Google classrooms so they can become familiar with using it.
Teachers will also set learning tasks on Mathletics and on the class blog. If you would like paper packs of worksheets, we can also provide these from the school office.

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Covid 19 – High Risk Area

Dear Parents,

Bristol City Council has identified St Paul’s as a high risk area for Covid 19. Our rates of infection are among the highest in the city. Please follow the advice below. There are video translations in different languages available on the links at the bottom of this page.

Key messages from Bristol City Council:

• Please travel to/from school with COVID-19 in mind. It’s advised to avoid public transport so please try and walk/cycle to school if you can, keeping your distance from others, and ensure you wear a face covering when required. Where possible, car sharing with people outside your household or support bubble should be avoided.

• Social distancing guidance inside and outside of school is different. Whilst at school, your child can mix with his/her class bubble, as safety measures are in place. This is necessary in order for us to enable children and young people to continue to attend. However, these measures are not in place outside of school, so please make sure you and your child follow the current government guidance when not in the school building

• Social distancing outside school gates is vital to minimise the spread. Please do not gather or mix when dropping off or collecting your child

• If you or your child develops symptoms of the virus, you/they must not go to school. Stay at home, self-isolate and get tested. Symptoms include a new continuous cough, high temperature or loss or change to your sense of taste and smell

• If you or your child is asked to self-isolate, you/they must not leave the house under any circumstances and your friends and family cannot visit during this time. We understand your frustrations in having to adapt to last minute calls or changes requiring you/your child to self-isolate and thank you for your continued cooperation.

Coronavirus information Nov 20 – Urdu

Coronavirus information Nov 20- Arabic

Coronavirus information Nov 20- Somali

Fariimaha muhiimka ah ee Golaha Magaalada Bristol:

• Fadlan u socdaal/ka soo socdaal dugsiga adoo maskaxda ku haya COVID-19. Waxaa lagugula talinayaa inaad ka fogaatid gaadiidka dadweynaha sidaa darteed fadlan iskuday oo u lugey/ ka soo laabo dugsiga haddii aad awoodid, ka fogow dadka kale, oo hubi inaad xirato weji daboolaha markii loo baahdo. Meesha ay suurtagal tahay, baabuurka lala wadaago dadka ka baxsan reerkaaga ama taageerida kooxda ardayda waa in laga fogaadaa.

• Tilmaamaha ka fogaanshaha bulshada ee gudaha iyo dibadda dugsiga ayaa ka duwan. Inta dugsiga lagu jiro, canugaaga wuxuu ku dhex geli karaa kooxdiisa/kooxdeeda fasalka, maaddaama tallaabooyin badbaadada ay jiraan. Tani waa lagama maarmaan si ay noogu suurtogaleisosino in carruurta iyo dhalinyarada inay sii wataan ka qeybgalka. Si kastaba ha noqotee, tallaabooyinkaan kuma diyaarsana meel ka baxsan dugsiga, marka fadlan hubi in adiga iyo canugaaga inaad raacdaan tilmaamaha dawladda ee hadda jira markii aadan ku jirin dhismaha dugsiga.

• Ka fogaanshaha bulshada ee ka baxsan albaabbada dugsiga ayaa muhiim u ah inay yareyso faafitaanka. Fadlan ha usu imaanina ama isku darsamina markii aad dajineysid ama aad ka qaadeysid canugaaga.

• Haddii adiga ama canugaaga yeeshaan astaamaha fayraska, adiga/iyaguba waa inaysan aadin dugsiga. Joog guriga, is gooniyey oo is baar. Aastaamaha waxaa ka mid ah qufac cusub oo isdaba-joog ah, heer-kul sare iyo lumis ama beddelida dareenka dhadhanka/ urta.

• Haddii adiga ama canugaaga la weydiiyo inaad is-gooniyeysaan, adiga/iyaga waa inaysan uga tagin guriga sida waafaqsan duruuf kasta oo jirta asxaabtaada iyo reerkaaguna kuma soo booqan karaan inta lagu jiro waqtigaan. Waxaan fahansanahay jahwareerkaaga ee ah inaad la qabsatid wicitaanada daqiiqada ugu dambeeya ama isbeddelada looga baahan yahay adiga/ canugaaga inaad is-gooniyeysaan oo waad ku mahadsantihiin wada shaqeyntaada joogtada ah.

Linkiyada la wadaago

• Tilmaanta gollaha ee loogu tallogalay waalidiinta iyo daryeelayaasha inta lagu jiro COVID-19 halkan
• Fiidiyowyada gollaha ee dhiirrogelinaya u hoggaansanaanta inta lagu jiro bandowga oo luuqado kala duwan halkan
• Macluumaad ku saabsan khadka caawimaadda bilaashka ah ee Gollaha (We Are Bristol) halkan

• يرُجى الانتقال من / إلى المدرسة مع وضع COVID-19 في الاعتبار. حيث يُنصح بتجنب وسائل النقل العام، لذا يُرجى محاولة السير / ركوب الدراجة للذهاب إلى المدرسة إن استطعت، وإبقاء مسافة بينك وبين الآخرين، والتأكد من ارتداء غطاء الوجه عند الحاجة. حيثما أمكن، يجب تجنب مشاركة السيارة مع أشخاص من خارج أسرتك أو فقاعة الدعم الخاصة بك.

• تختلف إرشادات التباعد الاجتماعي داخل المدرسة وخارجها. فأثناء التواجد في المدرسة، يمكن لطفلك الاختلاط مع فقاعته الصفية، حيث تطبق تدابير السلامة. فهذا ضروري حتى نستطيع تمكين الأطفال والشباب من الاستمرار في الحضور. ومع ذلك، فإن هذه التدابير غير مطبقة خارج المدرسة، لذا يُرجى التأكد من اتباعك أنت وطفلك للإرشادات الحكومية الحالية حين لا تكونوا في مبنى المدرسة

• يُعد التباعد الاجتماعي خارج بوابات المدرسة أمرًا حيويًا لتقليل انتشار المرض. لذا يُرجى عدم التجمع أو الاختلاط عند توصيل طفلك للمدرسة أو أخذه منها.

• إذا ظهرت عليك أو على طفلك أعراض الفيروس، فيجب عليك / عليه عدم الذهاب للمدرسة. فضلاً ابقوا في المنزل واعزلوا أنفسكم واخضعوا للفحص. تشمل الأعراض سعالًا مستمرًا جديدًا وارتفاعًا في درجة الحرارة وفقدانًا أو تغيرًا في حاسة التذوق / الشم.

• إذا طُلب منك أنت أو طفلك العزلة الذاتية، فيجب عليك / عليه ألا تغادروا المنزل تحت أي ظرف من الظروف ولا يمكن لأصدقائكم وعائلتكم القيام بزيارتكم خلال هذا الوقت. نحن نتفهم إحباطك بسبب الاضطرار إلى التكيف مع مكالمات اللحظة الأخيرة أو التغييرات التي تتطلب منك أو من طفلك العزلة الذاتية ونشكركم على تعاونكم المستمر.

روابط للمشاركة

• توجيهات المجلس لأولياء الأمور ومقدمي الرعاية خلال جائحة COVID-19 هنا
• فيديوهات المجلس لتشجيع الامتثال أثناء الحظر بلغات مختلفة هنا
• معلومات عن خط المساعدة المجاني التابع للبلدية “نحن بريستول” (We Are Bristol) هنا

• اسکول جاتے یا لوٹتے وقت کووڈ-19 کو ذہن میں رکھیں۔ یہ صلاح دی جاتی ہےکہ عوامی ٹرانسپورٹ کے استعمال سے بچیں اس لئے براہ مہربانی اگر آپ کرسکیں تو پیدل/سائیکل سے اسکول جائیں، خود کو دوسروں سے دوری بنا کر رکھیں، اور یقینی بنائیں کہ جب ضرورت ہو فیس ماسک کا استعمال کریں۔ جہاں تک ممکن ہو اپنے گھر والوں سپورٹ ببل کے علاوہ لوگوں کے ساتھ کار کے مشترکہ استعمال سے پرہیز کریں۔

• اسکول کے اندر اور اسکول کے باہر سماجی دوری کی ہدایات مختلف نوعیت کی ہیں۔ جب اسکول میں رہیں تو آپ کے بچے اپنے کلاس ببل کے ساتھ میل جول کرسکتے ہیں، اس لئے کہ وہاں حفاظتی اقدامات کیے گئے ہیں۔ یہ ضروری ہے تاکہ بچوں اور نوجوان لوگوں کو شرکت کرنے کے ہم قابل ہوسکیں۔ تاہم یہ اقدامات اسکول کے باہر نہیں کیے گئے ہیں، اس لئے کہ آپ اور آپ کا بچہ جب اسکول کی عمارت میں نہیں ہوں گے تو انہیں حکومت کی تازہ ترین ہدایت پر عمل کرنا ہوگا۔

• بیماری کو پھیلنے سے روکنے کے لئے اسکول گیٹ کے باہر سماجی دوری نہایت ہی اہم ہے۔ لہذا اپنے بچوں کو اسکول چھوڑتے یا اسکول سے لے جاتے وقت اکٹھا نہ ہوں یا ملیں نہیں۔

• اگر آپ یا آپ کے بچے میں وائرس کی علامت ڈولپ ہوتی ہے تو آپ/ انہیں اسکول نہیں جانا چاہئے۔ گھر پر رہیں، خود کو تخلیہ میں رکھیں اور اپنی جانچ کرائیں۔ علامات میں شامل ہیں نئی لگاتار رہنے والی کھانسی، تیز بخار اور آپ کے ذائقہ/بدبو کے احساس کا فقدان یا تبدیلی۔

• اگر آپ یا آپ کے بچے کو تخلیہ میں رہنے کو کہا جائے تو آپ/انہیں کسی بھی حالت میں گھر سے باہر نہیں جانا چاہئے اور اس دوران آپ کے دوست احباب اور اہل خانہ کو آپ سے ملاقات نہیں کرنی چاہئے۔آخریلمحےکیکالوںیاانتبدیلیوںکواپناتےمیں آپ کی پریشانیوں کو ہم سمجھتے ہیںجنسےآپ/ آپکےبچےکوخودسےالگتھلگہوناپڑتاہےاوراپنا تعاون جاری رکھنے کے لئے شکریہ ادا کرتے ہیں۔

شیئر کرنے والے لنکس

• کووڈ-19 کے دوران والدین اور نگہداشت کنندگان کے لئے کونسل کی ہدایات (یہاں)
• لاک ڈاؤن کے دوران مختلف زبانوں میںکمپلائنس کی ترغیب دینے والی کونسل کے ویڈیوز (یہاں)
• کونسل کی طرف سے مفت میں حاصل خدمات سے جڑی معلومات وی آر برسٹل ہیلپ لائن (We Are Bristol) (یہاں)

Links to share

• The council’s guidance for parents and carers amid COVID-19 here
• The council’s videos encouraging compliance during lockdown in difference languages here
• Information on the council’s free We Are Bristol helpline here

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RSE Workshop

Dear Parents,

As we have discussed before, the government have introduced some changes to what we teach children about Relationship and Sex Education. There are some elements that are now statutory that weren’t before. From our previous meetings on this subject, I know you would like to know more about what we will be teaching.

Below is a link to a workshop that is aimed specifically at Muslim Mothers in central Bristol. IT IS FOR WOMEN ONLY. The meetings will all be on Zoom. There are a choice of dates. Please click the link below to sign up for your session.

Best wishes,

Mr Burton

RSE Workshop for Muslim Mums in Bristol-2

Please see the link below for the current statutory guidance

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Covid 19 – staying safe

Dear Parents,

Please help us keep our community as safe as possible by following the government guidance for social distancing.

Please only arrive at school at your dedicated arrival and collection times. If you arrive early, you will add to the queue making it less safe for yourself and others.

Please keep at least 2 metres distance from other groups.

In line with the new guidance, please only bring and collect members of your own household.

If you are able to, please wear a face covering when you visit school.

Please help us keep the number of people around our school to a minimum. At collection time, please could just one adult per household come to collect from school.

After collecting your child, please could you continue following the one way system through the outside areas and leave the premises as quickly as possible to help prevent any crowding.

Thank you for your co-operation with these measures.

Mr Burton

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