Curriculum overview

The Cabot Curriculum

The Cabot Curriculum

The Cabot Curriculum is an exciting, creative and inspiring curriculum that builds on children’s experiences encouraging them to increase their cultural capital through the trips, visitors and experiences that are offered. It encourages a reciprocal learning partnership between the school and the local and wider communities and promotes harmony between cultures. 

We aspire for excellence across the curriculum and want all children to achieve their full potential. We ensure that learning builds on previous experiences and is culturally relevant. It is delivered through a series of topics to deepen understanding and consolidate learning.  It is planned to develop resilient, independent and inquisitive learners by teaching broad and balanced lessons as laid out in the National Curriculum. We strongly believe that having real experiences brings learning to life; we carefully select educational visits and invite visitors to provide thought provoking and stimulating learning experiences. 

Our curriculum celebrates multiculturalism and proactively challenges stereotypes. We value inclusion and it is at the core of our school’s learning process; children include themselves and others in their learning. We are committed to ensuring that teaching and learning opportunities meet the needs of all pupils so that all children make maximum progress and reach their potential regardless of background. We want to ensure that disadvantaged children engage with our curriculum and can succeed.  We want them to be exposed to a variety of technical vocabulary that they can use to help articulate their learning, as well building their love of learning through the experiences they have. In a similar way, we believe that SEND children should succeed and to support this, we break down the curriculum and use pre-teach, group work and real-life experiences to help bring learning to life but in manageable chunks. We feel it is vital that our children have a good understanding of where they live and how it has developed over time. We teach our children about the History and Geography that is on their doorstep enabling them to encounter, explore, and experience their local community and our great city. 

 Cabot children are:

- Resilient, independent and inquisitive learners who are willing to take risks

- Confident and creative thinkers who demonstrate a love of learning 

- Children who are proud of who they are and respectful of others differences 

- Polite and caring young people who can develop positive relationships

To ensure that our curriculum is creative and inspiring, some of our subjects are taught on a cyclical basis. Our progression maps demonstrate how we ensure the progression of skills and knowledge between year groups and cycles.  Please click on the links below for more information on this.