History Intent

At Cabot


We believe that students deserve a broad, well-rounded, ambitious history curriculum that develops their knowledge and understanding of British history and the wider world.   We aim to provide a curriculum that is inclusive to all (including those with SEND and Pupil Premium) and helps support the learning of all pupils as they progress through our school and beyond.  We believe that pre-teach and revisiting key knowledge is vital to the success of all our learners.


We teach the National Curriculum, supported by a clear skills and knowledge progression that are built on each year.  All pupils will develop their knowledge and understanding of the past through asking questions, using a range of quality resources, sequencing events and building their knowledge of chronology within an era as well as using new and existing vocabulary.  Providing pupils with vast historical learning experiences both inside and outside of school really builds their cultural capital.  We strongly believe that working in partnership with Bristol Museums and the local community deepens pupils understanding of the how history influences our lives today. 


We believe and understand how important it is that the curriculum speaks to who our children are and reflects the worlds they come from.  It is important that our children can see themselves in the excellent learning that they do and become responsible members of society.  This is celebrated in a variety of different ways.

Through our history curriculum we intend for our children to:

  • Be critical thinkers.
  • Open and understanding to other cultures.
  • Have a knowledge of British history.
  • To appreciate local history and see.
  • Confidently ask questions.
  • Challenge misconceptions.