In line with the 2014 curriculum our aims are to ensure that all learners become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, so they are able to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately. And that they can reason mathematically by following a line of enquiry and explaining the outcomes, and solve problems by applying mathematical knowledge, including breaking down problems into a series of simpler steps and persevering in finding the answer.

We develop fluency, reasoning and problem-solving in maths by teaching the objectives from the national curriculum using a mastery approach, meaning that:

  •  We believe that everyone can do well in maths;
  • We all start our maths learning journey together;
  • New learning is introduced in small steps;
  • Some children will need a little additional support along the way;
  • Some children, who feel more confident, will explore maths in greater depth;
  • Children will not be left behind;
  • We see mistakes are learning opportunities.

We use the White Rose schemes of learning as the ‘spine’ of our maths teaching, and we supplement these schemes with several other resources. You can access the schemes of learning on their website, and see the coverage and progression of each year group: (Years 1 – 6) (Reception)

Please also visit class pages to see which units are taught throughout the year.

Also, to ensure calculation is taught consistently, and that skills build from year to year, staff also follow our calculation policy.  This can be found on our policies page.

To help children with their maths learning, we subscribe to Times Tables Rock Stars and Mathletics. The children know their usernames and passwords for both sites, and can play games and answer questions set by their teachers on both sites. You can access the websites at:

We recommend that children regularly practise their number bonds, times tables and associated division facts. If you need support with this, or additional resources, please see your child’s class teacher.