Cabot Writing Curriculum - Our Intent

At Cabot we deliver a language rich writing curriculum using high quality texts that promote diversity and celebrate multiculturalism.

We aspire for excellence by seeing all children as writers and we recognise this will look different for every child. We aim to ensure all of our children develop a genuine appreciation of language and the written word. Many of our families are bilingual; we celebrate this and foster a love of language by looking at its patterns, structures and origins. We place high importance on oracy and it is promoted across the curriculum; we base our learning on the talk for writing approach giving children the opportunity to learn texts by heart so the language patterns and structures are internalised in their long term working memory. Careful links are made across the curriculum to ensure that children’s English learning is relevant and meaningful. Through our Literacy curriculum children develop their skills so they are able work in partnership with a wide range of people.

Our intentions in writing are for all children to:

  • See themselves as writers
  • Be confident speakers
  • Develop a love of language and literature
  • See writing as an interesting and enjoyable process


Literacy Curriculum Maps

Literacy Curriculum Map - Reception

Literacy Curriculum Map - Year 1 & Year 2

Literacy Curriculum Map - Year 3 & Year 4

Literacy Curriculum Map - Year 5 & Year 6