Ofsted letter, Cabot December 2018

Cabot Primary School  had an Ofsted inspection on 22nd November 2018.

We have received our official letter following our recent Ofsted inspection.  I am very pleased to share with you that the inspector reports, “This school continues to be good.”

We are so proud of the hard work that goes on at Cabot every day.  Our staff, governors and parents work in partnership together to provide our children with the best learning opportunities possible.  Our pupils are good learners and speak proudly of their school.  We are pleased to have our efforts validated by Ofsted.

Below are some selected quotations but please take time to read the letter in full by clicking the link above.

“..the school has continued to perform well.”

“Staff and pupils enjoy coming to school and appreciate the help and support they receive.”

“The school’s curriculum is rich in experiences which motivate pupils to concentrate well and support them to build their knowledge effectively.”

“Teachers encourage pupils to play their part and develop the attributes they need to make a valuable contribution to society.”

“Over the past three years, a greater proportion of Year 6 pupils have reached the highest standards than have pupils nationally.”

“Teachers engender a love of reading….Pupils enthusiasm for reading is palpable.  Their eyes open wide with excitement when they talk about books.”