School data

The Government requires schools to publish links to data, which is below, and Performance Tables, which you can view by clicking here.

In 2016, children’s attainment was assessed using the new National Curriculum Framework. The tests no longer provided children with levels. Instead, each pupil receives their results as a scaled score. The scaled score ranges from 80 to 120. A score of 100 is judged to be to be the Expected Standard (EXS) for children of that particular age range. A higher score of 110 to 120 is indicates a child is working at Greater Depth (GDS).

Below are the outcomes of the percentages of pupils at Cabot working at the Expected Standard or higher (EXS+) and at Greater Depth (GDS). For your reference, we have also given the local Bristol and National figures where these are known.

Cabot Achievement summary end of 2017 validated

Cabot Achievement summary end of 2018

Cabot Achievement summary end of 2019 unvalidated datav1