The Parent-Teacher-Friends Association (PTFA) aims to bring together parents, carers, teachers and pupils for social events.

Most of these will be to raise money to provide items for the school that otherwise would not be available to the children. It is also a space for parents and friends of Cabot School to get involved in helping the school, something we all feel passionately about.

As a parent, carer, teacher or friend of any child that attends Cabot primary school you are already a member of the PTFA, so welcome!

Our first official meeting was held on Wednesday the 28th of November where core PTFA members were elected and discussions were held around future activities. Our first event was the Spring fair in Spring 2013.

We hope everyone will continue to get involved and any suggestions for future events are always welcome.

We hope this is the start of many wonderful things to come!

If you are interested in helping please come to our next meeting, or email us at

Shakira Abrahams