Medical matters

Sickness/illness during the day

If a child becomes ill in the school day or has an accident, every effort will be made to contact the parents to arrange for the child to go home. It is essential that contact numbers, which can change, are kept up to date in the school office

Medical Appointments (e.g. Doctor/Hospital/Dental Appointments)

Please ensure that any routine appointments are made for after school hours or during school holidays.

If your child has to attend an appointment of any kind during school hours please bring a copy of the letter/appointment card to the school office prior to the day of the appointment

No verbal requests will be accepted and failure to carry out the above may prevent you from collecting your child for an appointment.

Mental Health Support Team (in education)

Cabot Primary School are pleased to have been chosen as a partner school for a new service in Bristol called the Mental Health Support Team (in education) or MHST for short.

The MHST is a team of Wellbeing Workers who work in different schools across Bristol and South Gloucestershire. Our Wellbeing Worker is Miss Ele..

Miss Ele will help our School in two ways:

  • She will offer 1-1 support for children who often experience worries, fears, anxiety, anger or sadness
  • She will help us to develop our whole school approach to emotional health and wellbeing

Here’s a message from Miss Ele:

“Hi everyone, my name is Miss Ele and I am the new Wellbeing Worker at Cabot Primary. I am at the School every Wednesday. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the children and staff so far.

When people hear I am from the Mental Health Support Team they often think I only work with people who are really unwell or have mental health illnesses, but this isn’t true.

Everyone has mental health, it’s all about how we feel, think and act especially in response to the ups and downs of life. Sometimes we have good mental health and can cope well with life, other times we might find it hard to cope and become stressed, upset or worried more easily and need extra support.

I am trained to work 1-1 with children who often experience fear, worry, anxiety, sadness or anger. When I do my 1-1 work I often get parents/carers involved as they know their children best and can help them practice what they learn in our sessions. In my 1-1 sessions we play games, do questionnaires, talk about feelings and learn ways to cope with difficult emotions.

If you are a parent/carer and you think your child could benefit from extra support with their feelings please speak to their class teacher or Mrs Redwood who ca refer them to me.

I will also be helping with whole school activities to promote good mental health, this might be doing assemblies, activities with whole classes, training teachers or running groups for parents. If you have an idea of something I could do in the school to support the children’s mental health please let me know, you can find me at school on Wednesdays or email me on

I am really looking forward to meeting you sometime soon”

You can find out more about the Mental Health Support Team here: